Knockout Inflatables


Inflatable Cash Grabber Chrystal dome

Cash Grabber – AAA1491

Knockout Obstacle Part 1 – AAA1383

This part 1 can also be used with part 2 and 3.

AAA1385 Knockout Part II Black red yellow-1

Knockout Obstacle Part 2 – AAA1385

AAA1504 Knockout Part 3 red yellow and black-2

Knockout Obstacle Part 3 – AAA1504

twin lane obstacle course hire

Twin Lane – AAA1157

Twin Washing Machines – AAA1044

Two separate chambers filled with bubbles and water.

Twin Tunnels – AAA1216

Slippery Slide – AAA1082

Puzzle Cubes – AAA1290

Two complete puzzle cubes.

60cm x 60cm

Puzzle Square – AAA1291

Two complete puzzle squares, one red, one blue.

Puzzle Tower – AAA1505

Burger Suits – AAA

Two complete sets consisting of two ‘sumo’ style burger buns, a foam tomato, lettuce and cheese.

Horse Suits – AAA1506

Chicken Suits – AAA1273

Joker Card – AAA1371

14 large foam Joker cards

Bibs – AAA1507

Various colours

Knights and Princess Obstacle Course

Castle Kingdom – AAA1155

 An amazing time can be had in the Kingdom. Race through the ‘biff bash’, up the steps, then down the slide.

20m x 7m – including surround

Human table football hire

5 A Side Human Table Football – AAA1138

We have 18m x 18m pitches.

Demolition Ball Last man standing

Demo Ball/Last Man Standing – AAA1196

4 players stand on 4 podiums and swing a giant padded ball at each other trying to knock them off. The last man standing is the winner.

6m x 6m

Giant Inflatable Maze Hire

Inflatable Maze – AAA1133

7.6m x 12m

Laser/Nerf Shooting Arena – AAA1132

7.6m x 12m

Aeroball – AAA1130

Inflatable Sports Arena

Multi Sports Arena – AAA1202

Play Volleyball, Netball, Badminton, Football, Dodge ball or Bulldog in the versatile inflatable.

18m x 8m (2 parts)

Inflatable Twister Game

Twister – AAA1141

Up to 5 players who try to balance on the coloured circles and move the dial.

5m x 5m

Inflatable Batak

Batak Wall – AAA1215

Two player game where players knock blocks through to the opponents side, while all the time knocking them back.

Floating Ball game Zweefball

Zweefball – AAA1203

Floating ball game. Balls float in airflow while players try to move them into scoring baskets at either end.

3m x 1m

Tug O War Rope

Tug O War Rope – AAA1367

2 & 4 way now available

Max 10 players on each side. Gloves supplied.