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Please be advised, that AAA Inflatables Ltd would require a copy of your up to date insurance before items are hired out.



Jungle Twin Lane Slide

18ft Event Slide – AAA1193

Giant 18ft high twin lane, with 15ft platform slide.


Castle Mega Slide Silver

Castle Mega Slide – Double – AAA1046

Giant 18ft high twin lane with castle theme, with 15ft platform slide.


Large Castle Mega Slide

Red/Blue Castle Mega Slide – AAA1068

Giant 18ft high inflatable in castle theme, with 15ft platform slide.


Princess 15ft platform slide

Pink Princess Medium Slide – AAA1071

Princess themed with 15ft platform slide.






Inflatable Traversing Wall

Inflatable Traversing/Climbing Wall – AAA1365

Climbing wall for the younger ones, instead of climbing up you climb across.

12m x 4m


moving ship wave slide

Raised Pirate Ship – AAA1192

Large pirate themed bouncy castle, riding the wave with bouncing bed at slight incline.


Helter Skelter Inflatable Slide red and white for hire

Helter Skelter Slide – AAA1389

This is a stunning looking unit. Standing at 28ft high with a 15ft slide platform.

 Space req: 10m x 10m x 9.5m


Inflatable Pub – AAA1263

5.75m x 6.3m x 6.4m


Inflatable Cash Grabber Chrystal dome



Western Obstacle Course

Western Obstacle Course – AAA1156

Race through the cactus ‘biff bash’, through the gates then up and over the 10ft slide.

 20m x 4m


Hawaiian Obstacle Course for Hire

Hawaiian Obstacle Course – AAA1152

Race through the palm tree ‘biff bash’, through the gates then up and over the 10ft slide.

 20m x 4m


Army Theme obstacle course for hire

Army Obstacle Course – AAA1153

Race through the guards ‘biff bash’, through the gates then up and over the 10ft slide.

 20m x 4m


Obstacle Course Art Attack

Art Attack Obstacle Course – AAA1154

Race through the guards ‘biff bash’, through the gates then up and over the 10ft slide.

 20m x 4m


Rainbow obstacle course hire

Rainbow Obstacle Course – AAA1036

Race through the bright and colourful ‘biff bash’, through the gates then up and over the 10ft slide.

 20m x 4m


twin lane obstacle course hire

Twin Lane Obstacle Course – AAA1157

Race through the ‘biff bashes’, up the steps, and down the slide in the fastest time.

 12m x 7m x 4.5m


Knights and Princess Obstacle Course

Castle Kingdom – AAA1155

 An amazing time can be had in the Kingdom. Race through the ‘biff bash’, up the steps, then down the slide.

20m x 7m – including surround


Pirate Obstacle Course

Small Pirate Obstacle Course – AAA1049

Race through the ‘biff bashes’, up the steps, and down the slide.


1 part Under the sea Ocean obstacle course hire

Under the Sea Obstacle Course – AAA1050

Race through the ‘biff bashes’, up the steps, and down the slide.


1 Part Castle Obstacle Course

Castle Obstacle Course – AAA1105

Race through the ‘biff bashes’, up the steps, and down the slide.


1 Part Obstacle Course Hire Side

1 Part Obstacle Course – AAA1259

This unit is quite low for an obstacle course, so it will fit into most halls (Please check with the venue all measurements are approximate).

10m x 3.2m x 3.35m




Snappy Dragon – AAA1260


The dragon Obstacle Course for Hire



Laser Maze – AAA1054

This multi chamber maze can either be used as a standard maze, our with our unique Barracuda Laser Gun sets.


£0.00 – maze only

Aeroball Extreme – AAA1130

4 player game. Each player is in a section with a number of balls. The aim of the game is to throw balls out of your section into another persons section.



Bungee Run Hire

Twin Lane Bungee Run – AAA1200

Twin lane bungee run, 3 bungee cords per lane allowing all age groups from age 9 up.

10m x 3m



Human table football hire

5 A Side Human Table Football – AAA1138

We have 18m x 18m pitches.



Demolition Ball Last man standing

Demo Ball/Last Man Standing – AAA1196

4 players stand on 4 podiums and swing a giant padded ball at each other trying to knock them off. The last man standing is the winner.

6m x 6m



Gladiator Duel

Gladiator Duel – AAA1201

Two players try to knock each other off the opponent’s podium.

6m x 6m



Rock to roll, king of the hill

Rock ‘N’ Roll – AAA1197

Two players stand on the ‘topple table’, the winner is the one that can stay on.

7m x 7m



Giant Inflatable Maze Hire

Inflatable Maze – AAA1133

7.6m x 12m



Laser/Nerf Shooting Arena – AAA1132

7.6m x 12m


£185.00 – maze only

Inflatable Sports Arena

Multi Sports Arena – AAA1202

Play Volleyball, Netball, Badminton, Football, Dodge ball or Bulldog in the versatile inflatable.

18m x 8m (2 parts)



Aztec Climb

Jungle/Aztec Climb – AAA1255

Climbing wall inside a netted bouncing area.

7m x 7m


Soft Air Mountain

Soft Air Mountain – AAA1254

Children try to climb and stay on the top of this constantly moving soft mountain.

7m x 7m


Airbourne Adventure

Airborne Adventure – AAA1037

This inflatable is great fun. It’s a viewing tower ride for children. Strap them into the harness, close the door and watch them ascend up to 4m above the ground. The children can look out at the viewing window at the top. Open the door and they descend gradually back down to earth.

4m x4m


Pirate Kids Kingdom – AAA1195 

Bouncy castle with lots to climb on plus other obstacles.

5m x 5m


Jungle Activity Bouncy Castle

Jungle Active Activity Castle – AAA1194

Activity bouncer with slide and biff bash.

10m x 8m x 4.5m


Holiday Beach Play zone large Bouncy castle

Holiday Beach Activity Castle – AAA1039

Activity bouncer with slide and biff bash.

10m x 8m x 4.5m


Un-climbable Ladder – COMING SOON


Inflatable Twister Game

Twister – AAA1141

Only one of its kind in the UK. Up to 5 players who try to balance on the foam towers and move the dial.

5m x 5m


Inflatable Batak

Batak Wall – AAA1215

Two player game where players knock blocks through to the opponents side, while all the time knocking them back.


Football Shooter Hire

Football Shooter – AAA1189

Supplied with foam footballs, players try to score goals through target holes.

2.5m x 3.5m


Giant Inflatable 9 hole crazy golf

Inflatable Crazy Golf Course – AAA1210

Giant inflatable 9 hole crazy golf course with obstacles.

16m diameter


Golf Chipper

Golf Chipper – Multi – AAA1048


Floating Ball game Zweefball

Zweefball – AAA1203

Floating ball game. Balls float in airflow while players try to move them into scoring baskets at either end.

3m x 1m


Inflatable Rodeo Bull

Inflata-Bull – AAA1205

Inflatable Rodeo Bull. One player rides the bull while 4 other players must work together by pulling the straps to make the bull buck.

4m x 4m


Basket Ball Shooter

Basketball Shooter – AAA1206

Supplied with 2 x full sized and 2 x half size basketballs, so the whole family can play this highly addictive game.

5m x 3.5m x 4m


Inflatable Dart Board – AAA1209

Velcro fronted dart board and darts


Sumo Suits

Adults/Teens – AAA1274

Children’s – AAA1305

4m x 4m

£70.00 – Adults/Teens

£0.00 – Children’s

Cowboy & Indian Sumo Suits – AAA1304

4m x 4m


Knock Your Block Off – AAA1339

Two players try to knock the Velcro head off your opponent.

 4m x 4m


Cactus Lassooning – AAA1361

Hoopla style game, throw the hoops over the cactus to win.

2.5m x 6m


Limbo Bar Hire - Inflatable

Limbo Bar – AAA1213


Princess Play Zone – AAA1432

Toddler play zone with chariot slide, small bouncer and ball pool.

6.05m x 4.05m x 3.55m


Cars Play Zone – AAA1354

Toddler play zone with a car slide, small bouncer and ball pool.

6.05m x 4.05m x 3.55m


Toddler bouncy castle, pirate theme.

Pirate Playzone – AAA1349

Toddler play zone with pirate ship slide, small bouncer and ball pool.

6.05m x 4.05m x 3.55m


1 Part Activity Train – AAA1269

Toddler obstacle course where children travel through the train.

12.4m x 5.2m x 3.1m


toddler bouncy castle hire

Toddler Bounce – AAA1180

Bouncy castle for under 5’s.

8m x 8m


Angry Birds Soft Play – AAA1366


Soft Play Surround – AAA1308


Circus Bounce – AAA1167

This is an extremely good looking bouncy castle. For children only, up to the age of 14 years.

4.2m x 5.4m x 4.6m


RainBow Box Bouncy Castle Hire

Rainbow Box with Beam – AAA1111

5m x 5m – children only


Castle Themed Red/White Adult Rated 5x5m – AAA1074


Castle Themed Blue/Silver Adult Rated 5x5m – AAA1077


Adult Rated Rainbow Box Castle – AAA1422

5m x 6m


Large Red and Silver Adult Bouncy Castle Hire

Castle Themed Red/Silver Adult Rated 6x6m – AAA1313


Large Adult rated Bouncy Castle Hire, Blue and Silver Turreted

Castle Themed Silver/Blue Adult Rated 6mx6m – AAA1079


Adult Bouncy castle box

Red/Blue Box Adult 6x6m – AAA1109


Massive 8m x 8m Red and Blue Turreted Adult Rated Bouncy Castle

Castle Themed Adult 8x8m – AAA1264


Wedding Castle – AAA1500 COMING SOON

 5x5m – £

 6x6m – £


5m disco dome-left

Disco Dome

5x5m (Rainbow) – AAA1358

6x6m – AAA1051

Fantastic fun for teenagers and adults who love music and bouncing. With a 400w Bluetooth speaker you can wirelessly listen to your music, and control the volume.

£0.00 – 5x5m

£0.00 – 6x6m

Radio Disco Bouncer – COMING SOON

Fantastic fun for teenagers and adults who love music and bouncing. With a 400w Bluetooth speaker you can wirelessly listen to your music, and control the volume.


Moonwalk bouncy castle

Moonwalk – AAA1295

Enclosed bouncy castle



Tug O War Rope

Tug O War Rope – AAA1367

2 & 4 way now available

Max 10 players on each side. Gloves supplied.


Giant Connect 4 Game Hire

Garden Games

Connect 4 – AAA1275

Chess – AAA1362

Jenga – AAA1277

Kerplunk – AAA1283

O & X’s – AAA1282

Target Frisbee – AAA1284

Croquet – AAA1334

Pin the tail on the Donkey – AAA1340


Coconut Shire Hire

Coconut Shy – AAA1281

Price for 5 stands and balls.

Coconut sold at cost


Boom Blaster Hire

Boom Blaster (pair) – AAA1332

Balloon game, 2 players pump as fast as they can till their balloon burst.



Buzz wire hire

Buzz Wire – AAA1360

Our units have built in timers and penalty counters.


Pitchburst Hire

Pitchburst – AAA1341

Modern ‘dunk tank’ where water balloons are used above the ‘victim’, while players throw beanbags at target.


Table Football – AAA1267


Shuffle Board – AAA1345


Didi Cars – AAA1335

Great fun for children up to 80 kgs.

They work best in a hall or very smooth tarmac or concrete.


£5.00 – each

Didi Cars Track – AAA1499



4x Kids Go Carts – AAA1369

Electric Go Carts which go inside a inflatable track.

16m x 16m


laser shot indoor simulator

Laser Shot – AAA1299

Video shooting simulator.


Laser CLay Pigeon Shooting Hire Scoreboard

Laser Clay – AAA1301

5 gun laser clay pigeon shooting game.


Catch the Light – AAA1219

Tap the illuminated buttons as fast as you can, if you hit an unilluminated button you lose a point.


DIY Disco – AAA1286

Full disco rig with music supplied from IPod or MP3 player.


Balloon Release Canon – AAA1318

Provided with 300 9inch balloons. Players place balloons in hole at the bottom and a quick release string will release the balloons.


Candy Floss Machine – AAA1288

Supplied with ingredients for 75 people.


popcorn machine hire

Popcorn Machine – AAA1287

Supplied with ingredients for 75 people.


Slush Hire

Slush Machine – AAA1379

75 cups & straws only (flavour extra)


Inflatable Domes and Marquees

Inflatable Dome Tents

8m – AAA1311

12m – AAA1312

Inflatable shelters, with Velcro doors which can be left open or fully enclosed.

£90.00 – 8m

£125.00 – 12m

Coconut Shy – AAA1067

Hire price includes: throwing balls and 25 prize coconuts (extra available on request)


Fairground/Serving Shelter

5m – AAA1316

Versatile serving shelter for either food/drink service or as fairground tent.


Popcorn/Candyfloss Machines in Shelter – AAA1329

We will supply ingredients for 75 portions of each popcorn and candyfloss.

4m x 5m x 4m


Serving Shelter Pink/Silver – AAA1253


Hook a bag side stall

Fairground Side Stall – Large – AAA1294


Side stall hire

Fairground Side Stall – Small – AAA1293


Grotto Bouncy Castle Hire, festive bouncy castle

Santa’s Grotto Bouncy Castle – AAA1070



Snow globe hire, inflatable snow globe hire

Christmas Bouncy Castle – AAA1298


Santa's grotto inflatable

Large Santa Shelter – AAA1104

Meet Santa in his house. Inflatable made of entrance house, tunnel, and Santa house. Can also be used as a backdrop or DJ stand.

9m x 4m


Santas Grotto Hire, inflatable santas grotto for hire

Santa’s Grotto – AAA1069


Sky Dancers

Yellow – AAA1337

Blue – AAA1241

Red – AAA1242

Several designs available


Tables and Chairs

Tables – AAA1337

Chairs – AAA1342

Designs may vary. 100 plastic chairs available

£2.50 – Chairs

£5.00 – Tables

Deck Chairs – AAA1378

Designs may vary. 48 available

£3.00 each

petrol generator

Petrol Generator – AAA1378

Will run 3 x 1.5hp blowers

£50.00 – NO FUEL

Petrol inflation fan

Petrol Fan – AAA1231

£25.00 – NO FUEL

For fully managed events travel is included up to 80 miles from warehouse at PE28, for each additional mile we will charge 50ppm and £25 per hour, per member of staff.
Some items are priced as POA as they do not need our event staff to run, we can negotiate delivery if required.
Prices do not include Congestion charges or parking, if incurred we will charge at cost.
All sizes are an indication of actual floor plan; please remember you need to allow 1.8m on all sides and 3.5m on open sides for safe installation.
Colours may vary slightly from pictures shown. ALL PRICES ARE + VAT AT CURRENT RATE

Payment due on collection
It is the responsibility of Hirer to insure all items on hire
Units must be returned clean, Dry and rolled same as when collected
All damages must be paid for in full